Officina di Storie 2021: LandscapeofLife / Prima delle montagne

Monte Prà della Vacca

Each of us has his favorite place in the world for scientific studies. Ok, I have two. My actual best place in the world for research is definitively the Bletterbach. But as everybody, I had also a first love. And my first love was Kühwiesenkopf/Monte Prà della Vacca in the northern Dolomites. It is just perfect, because it has all the features typical of a ""good"" Fossillagerstätte. It yielded the best fossils you could wish for, including the oldest representative of the squamates, Megachirella. And as every Fossillagerstätte that is worth all the scientific effort you are putting into it, it is a very dangerous place to go to (very steep, very erosible, fissible strata) and far from where you can go with the car (so that you can prove your love for the fossiliferous site each time you go there). And as every first love he left his marks in my life (scrapes, sprains, etc.) but also a lot of good memories and tons of great fossils.





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